CLASS of 1953 SHIPMATE March 2019


We had our annual pre-Army-Navy game luncheon at the “Fairfax” retirement community near Ft Belvoir. Al Glazier stepped in as our Class leader for Chris Zirps who was unable to attend after doing all the initial work. In addition to Al our Navy attendees were Jean Glazier, Art and Marcy Bivens, Darrell and Sally Dempster, Chuck and Alix Fellows, Art and Nell Gilmore, George and Barbara Graveson, Earl and Mary Lou Griggs, Judy Hubel, Sally Jones, Gene and Ruth Matheson, Bob Raffaele and his daughter, Donna, Pete Walker, Tom Warren and his daughter, Nancy, Larry and Octa Watson, and CAPT John O’Neill USN (Ret), Assistant Director of Athletics, who was our Navy speaker (For the third time). He spoke about a tough 3-9 season, a tough schedule, long trips (Hawaii, San Diego), and Army’s 9-2 record; but despite all that, the statistics vs Army were close.  Bob Segal, the WP ’53 President, introduced his Army speakers starting with COL Fred Myer (For the 11th time). And he brought along extra Army speakers to bolster his talk; i.e., the history of the “America’s game” since 1890, Navy 61 – Army 51; and what’s new at West Point. See photo of speakers: L-R John O’Neill, Al Glazier, Bob Segal, LGEN Bill Grisoli (Ret), COL Brad Wanbeke, and Fred Myer.

 We closed by singing our respective alma maters. Chuck Fellows led us in a rousing rendition of “Navy Blue and Gold.” Poor Bob Segal and his tribe were so weak with singing their hymn we had to help them.



Approximate 70 residents and visitors enjoyed the “Tailgate” party with food and drinks in a large TV room in Greenspring retirement community in Springfield, VA. Army and Navy fans sat in large round tables separated on either side of the room for cheering. I use the term fans because I have met only 4 USNA graduates and have not met any West Point grads. The Army fans made lots of noise amped up with hand bells and toot horns and more often than we did as the game played out to the bitter end. Our table was mostly a Submarine group including Art and Marcy Bivens ’53, ADM Bill and Sabra Smith ’55, CAPT Charlie and Nancy Biele ’57. Madelene Spar (widow of Ed Spar ‘53) was with us. Lynn Frew (widow of CAPT Ian Frew, Shipmate of Art on USS George Bancroft (SSBN-543) organized the party.  See photo of ‘50’s grads: Art, Bill, and Charlie in front of the large TV screen.

 CDR Phil Case ’52, also a submariner and his wife, Louise, would have been with us but they were with a classmate party elsewhere. Interesting, I ran into Phil in the Greenspring Fitness Center. He was wearing a shirt with a printed submarine dolphin that of course sparked a conversation. We were both on diesel submarines in Key West at the same time in the same SUBDIV, but didn’t know each other. Later in life we both competed against each other in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics swimming in the 80’s age group – free style and back stroke 50 yards. Phil recognized me first and we and our wives have become good friends. As of today, Dec 27, my column deadline date, Marcy and I have lived here in Greenspring for 5 months. We are very happy to be here. In November we had a small cocktail party in our apartment – Great fun!     



This is late on my part. Chuck Fellows reported Oct 21 that the Naval Academy Athletic Association recognized our 65th Reunion at the Houston football home game Oct 20 including a presentation on the big screens. Chuck thanked CAPT John O’Neill for making his request happen.



John P. Wood, CDR USN (Ret) (Co.10) died November 19, 2018 in Honolulu, HI. John served on several diesel submarines including two Command assignments. He served on SUBFLOT staff in Yokosuka, Japan; SUBPAC staff, and SUBRON staff in Hawaii; He attended USNPGSchool and spent some time in Washington, DC. Awards include the Navy Commendation Medal. After the Navy John marketed residential real estate, then spent several years exploring the mainland and Hawaii in a Winnebago with his wife, Pamela….*

Anne L Sheahan, widow of COL Robert R. Sheahan USMC (Ret) (Co.5), died November 28, 2018 in St Louis, MO. Survivors include 4 children, and 5 grandchildren, and 4 great- grandchidren….*

*See 50th Year Legacy Book                                                                                      


Mail Bag

Anne Hoffman, widow of Bob Hoffman, sent a photo of the “Hoffman Girls” as a better picture) than the April-May 2018 Shipmate photo of a family wedding.

Al and Jean Glazier took off to Hawaii two days after the Army-Navy ’53 luncheon. While there they had lunch with Tak and Elva Yoshihara under a banyan tree. Nice!   

 Jim and Sue Rodgers sent a big smiling photo and reported that they are “Still in Charleston, Where the Weather is Bright! Best Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year”.....Amen, ACB