7 MAR 2017


The meeting was called to order at 1030.  Those attending the meeting were Chris Zirps, Art Bivens Al Glazier, Darrel Dempster, Earl Griggs, Herb Tiede, and Pete Walker.   Tom Schaaf was unable to attend.  The following items were discussed:

·         The minutes of the 3 JAN ’17 EXCOM meeting were approved.

·         The Treasurer, Darrel Dempster, reported that after the Winter Brunch, the Class Funds totaled $16,277.  Of this total $5,251 are held by the Alumni Association to fund current expresses.  The remaining amount is held in our NFCU account: $2,588 in checking and $8,446 in savings. Darrell will transfer the funds in the NFCU savings account to the Alumni Association and request that $5,000 be placed in the Plaza Memorial Fund. The question of how the remaining Class Funds will be administered after the class’s “Last Man Standing” departs.  The possibilities are to designate an executor. A possibility would be a classmate’s grand child who is a NA graduate.  The other option would be to establish a trust.  It was decided that the funds in NFCU savings would be transferred to the Alumni Association Fund with $5,000 designated for the Memorial Plaza Maintenance Endowment Fund.  Chris will speak to the Alumni Association/ Foundation before any action is taken.

·         Three Class Crest Plaques were made; one is in the Pavilion, one in Alumni Hall.  The                                                  third will go in the Pavilion.  Chris and Al spoke with Mr. Givens from the Athletic Association and agreed on the locations for the two Pavilions.  He also agreed to repair and paint the Pavilion in the spring.

·         A letter was written to the Alumni Association concerning the disposition of swords that classmates have donated to the Alumni Associations to be given to graduating midshipmen. No reply has been received.

·         There were thirty-two attendees at the Dark Ages Brunch.

·         Plans for the Sixty-fifth reunion are underway.  Tours will be to the Dulles Air and Space Museum and to PAX River Naval Air Station.  A contract has been signed with the Double Tree Hotel.

·         Darrell Dempster wants to memorialize in writing all Classmates who lost their lives at sea or in aircraft accidents.  The Alumni Association says that there may be as many as 80.  Darrell will need help.

·         Arrangements for the summer picnic cannot be made until two months before the event.  Darrell is looking at the third week in June at the Ravelle Beach Pavilion.