Alfa List  7 Jan 16
Name Company E-mail Address Yahoo ID Location
Abrahamson, Dean  2 [email protected] Everett,WA
Adorney, Frank 13 [email protected] Easton, MD
Albers, Bill 2 [email protected] usna53234220 Encinitas, CA
Albright, Suzie (Widow of Dick) 22 [email protected] Pawleys Island, SC
Alden, Fred 22 [email protected] Kennedyville, MD
Allen, Bill  6 [email protected] ballensr12 Placentia, CA
Allen, Dave   22 . [email protected] Tupelo, MS
Aller, Bob  1 [email protected] Rehoboth, DE
Almen, Margaret(Widow of Dick) 22 [email protected] usna53ralmen Seattle, WA
Amendt, Jack  18 [email protected] Dayton, OH
Ammerman, Don   6 [email protected] King George, VA
Anderson, Bill (F.P.) 5 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Anderson, Bob   23 [email protected]
Anderson, Curt 22 See Linda Webb
Andrews, Fred 24 [email protected] fa233510 South Windsor, CT
Apted, Ann (widow of George)   1 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Armel, Lyle 1 See Barbara Rielly
Avery, Phillip 1 [email protected] Newville, PA
Avrit, Dick   19 [email protected] Monclair, VA
Axley, John 20 [email protected] usna53235170 North Palm Beach, FL
Baker, Bob  6 [email protected] sirrobert94040 Oceanside, CA
Baldinger, Jim   [email protected]
Barnes, Bob 10 [email protected] Phoenix, AZ
Barthelenghi, George 2 [email protected] Pocono Pines, PA
Bassett, Kim  13 [email protected] kimbassett Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Bassett, Sage  9 [email protected] Daleville, VA
Bearman, Myra 21 [email protected] crabcake52 Palos Verdes, CA
Beiderbecke, Hank  13 [email protected] Hypoluxo, FL
Bell, Bob  5 [email protected]
Benning, Carl  3 [email protected] Dallas, TX
Bentley, Bill  20 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Best, Charles 17 [email protected] Escondido, CA
Bicknell, Bob 19 [email protected] Lincoln, MA
Bierer, Bion 21 [email protected] Cary, NC
Bigelow, May (widow of Dave) 19 [email protected] Landgrove, VT
Binney, Peg 13 mailto:[email protected] Alexandria, VA
Bird, Nedra 15 [email protected] Springfield, VA
Bivens, Art  22 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Blanchard, Ann (widow of Bob)  9 [email protected] Norfolk, VA
Bornstein, Joe  19 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Borum, Rod  22 [email protected] West Melborne, FL
Botten, Jim   21 [email protected] Trumbull, CT
Botula, Bernard   17 [email protected] usna53234160 Severna Park, MD
Bowdish, Charles  6 [email protected] Indian Harbor Beach, FL
Boyd, Huntley 11 [email protected] Alexandria, VA
Boyer, Walt  3 [email protected] Springfield, VA
Brachtenbach, Leo  19 [email protected] Omaha, NE
Bradbury, John (deceased) 6 [email protected] Lomita, CA
Brady, Frank  12 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Bright, Ray 3 [email protected] usna53242290 San Clemente, CA
Britton, Bill  15 [email protected] Santa Barbara, CA
Brooks, Hawley  20 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Brown, Frank  19 [email protected] Hilton Head Island, SC
Brummage, Dick 7 [email protected] Del Mar, CA
Brundage, Jim   21 [email protected] Prospect, CT
Bucy, Tom  9 [email protected] usna53233630 Key West, FL
Burkhardt, Jack  2 [email protected] Lockport. IL
Butcher, Bill  7 [email protected] Cold Springs, TX
Butler, Barbara (widow of Charlie) 20 [email protected] Altomonte Springs, FL
Callicot, Anne (Widow of Jack) 21 [email protected] Selma, OR
Calo, Carl  4 [email protected] Rockville, MD
Campbell, Loretta (Widow of Jack)     18 [email protected] Hawaii
Camstra, Frank 6 [email protected] Leakey, TX
Cannell, Don  4 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Cannon, Dave  1 [email protected] Conway, SC
Cannon, Sarita (widow of Leo)  5 [email protected] Pearland, TX
Carmichael, Jack  9 [email protected] Las Vegas, NV
Carpenter, Art  8 [email protected] artcarpenter53 Canyon Lake, TX
Carr, John  2 [email protected] Gig harbor, WA
Carr, Pete   19 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Carrington, Jim  18 [email protected],rr,com Cedar Hill, TX
Carroll, Dave  11 [email protected] Bonsall, CA
Carter, Charles 1 [email protected] Queenstown, MD
Chace, Joy (Widow of Stub) 7 [email protected] West Palm Beach, FL
Chadbourne, Harland  20 [email protected] Jacksonville, FL
Chambers, William 2 [email protected] Arroyo Grande, CA
Chaney, Earl 8 [email protected] Oceanside, CA
Chapman, John       2 [email protected] chapmanjohnf Eagle River, AK
Charest, Phil   15 [email protected] Corpus Christi, TX
Chewning, Bob 17 Unkown Ellis, ID
Christensen, Ray 21 [email protected] Arnold, MD
Clark, Dick 1 [email protected] American Canyon, CA
Cole, Nancy (widow of Bill) 5 [email protected] Crofton, MD
Collier, Larry 11 [email protected] East Palatka, FL
Conolly, Marge (Widow of Bob) 5 [email protected] Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Conrad, Pete  12 [email protected] Leonardtown, MD
Corbin, Malcom  19 [email protected] Krum, TX
Corboy, Mike 6 [email protected] usna53242050 Dallas, TX
Cornell, Art 7 [email protected] usna53236010 Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Cox, Bob   22 [email protected] usna240140 Springfield, VA
Cox, Sam   14 [email protected] Claremore, OK
Craig, Jock  7 [email protected] col_usmc_ret Bothell, WA
Cramer, Mac  21 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Cricchi, Vic 11 [email protected]
Cruden, Dave 12 [email protected] Chandler, AZ
Crum, Paul  6/23 20 [email protected] paul1c53 Jacksonville, FL
Cuccias, Leo  12 [email protected] Vienna, VA
Curl, Kent  15 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Curtis, Dick  19 [email protected] Bonita, CA
Daley, Mick  2 [email protected] Arlington, VA
Dalton, Dick  21 [email protected] Long Beach, CA
Davidson, Nell (Widow of Bob) 19 [email protected] Orlando, FL
Davies, Pooch  16 [email protected] Wichita, KN
Davis, Jeff (H. J.)  5 [email protected] Quincy, FL
Davis, Mike (M. C.)  9 [email protected] usna532331 Tecumseh,Mo
Debolt, Ed 11 [email protected] Reno, NV
Deex, Ajax  19 [email protected] usna5319ajd Los Altos Hills, CA
deGeneres, Fred   14 [email protected] Slidell, LA
DeHart, Bill  16 [email protected] Pittsboro, NC
DeLamar, Dean  17 [email protected] Cumming, GA
Dempster, Darrell  16 [email protected] usna53234580 Annapolis, MD
Dickman, Jerry 15 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Diesel, Chuck 5 [email protected] Annandale, VA
Dixon, Ed  10 [email protected] usna53241660 Norfolk, VA
Dixon Norval 21 patricia,[email protected] Carmel, IN
Dixon, Osmund  20 [email protected] Columbia, SC
Doty, Rita Lee (Widow of Ault) 22 [email protected] Brunswick, ME
Douglass, Jim  12 [email protected] usna53239110 Palatka, FL
Doyle, Vicki (widow of Ed) 5 [email protected] McLean, VA
Dudley, Paul  12 [email protected] pauldudley53 Coronado, CA
Dumont, Marge  23 [email protected] Alexandria, VA
Dunaway, Al  14 [email protected] usna53235540  Williamsburg, VA
Ebert, Scott 10 [email protected] ebert153 Crystal River, FL
Eddington, Bob 8 [email protected] Littleton, CO
Eibert, Don (Donna-Daughter of Don) 22 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Epperson, Walter 7 [email protected] Greenwood, MS
Ezzel, Lee  12 [email protected] topazz1075 Sonoma, CA
Falk, Harvey 15 [email protected] Bonita Springs, FL
Fead, Lou 11 [email protected] Indiatlantic, FL
Fellowes, Ted  5 [email protected] Fairifax, VA
Fellows, Chuck   20 [email protected]
Felt, Linn  14 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Fergusson, Wes 13 [email protected] Glen Allen, VA
Fischer, David (deceased) 13 [email protected] Jacksonville, FL
Fitzgerald, Ann (widow of Tom) 10 [email protected] Petersborough, NH
Flynn, Pat  3 [email protected] Glendale, CA
Foster, Bob  13 [email protected] Pearland, TX
Fredlund, William      4/17 16 [email protected] San Jose, CA
Freese, Trianne 20 [email protected] usna531111110 Vienna, VA
Frick, Joe  2 [email protected] Ft Meyers, FL
Frier, John  3  [email protected] john_frier_2000 Los Altos, CA
Frost, Dave  3 [email protected] Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Frost, Sue (Widow of Jack) [email protected] Springfield, VA
Fudge, Joyce (widow of Dave) 18 [email protected] usna5318daf Palm Bay, FL
Fulcher, Elmer (Red)  9 [email protected] usna53953060  Lake Murray, SC
Furey, Tyke   22 [email protected] usna53240320 Dunnellon, FL
Furgerson, John  17 [email protected] Lexington, VA
Gallagher, Hugh  4 [email protected] Bethesda, MD
Gardner, Lou   8 [email protected]  usna53238580 Pacheco, CA
Gildea, Joe  9 [email protected] Hollidayburg, PA
Gilmore, Art  10 [email protected] Falls Church. VA
Glazier, Al  15 [email protected] Alexandria, VA
Goldner, Bob 24 [email protected] bob53bluegold Philadelphia, PA
Goldsmith, Watson   4/19 24 [email protected] Kaneohe, HI
Gorman, Bob  9 [email protected] usna53236 Newbury Park, CA
Gourlay, Bill   16 [email protected] wgourlay16 Westlake Village, CA
Govan, Dave  14 [email protected] Ft Collins, CO
Graf, Fritz 21 [email protected] fritzgraf00 Fairfax, VA
Graff, Jack  9 [email protected] Escondido, CA
Greaves, George 8 [email protected] Goodyear, AZ
Greeley, Mike   1 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Green, Jim  14 [email protected] Valley Center, CA
Greene, John 24 [email protected] Ft Myer, FL 
Griggs, Earl 13 [email protected] negriggs McLean, VA
Gross, Harold  3 [email protected] Biltmore Forrest, NC
Grossman, Bernie  18 [email protected] Spotsylvania, VA
Grover, Dave   8 [email protected] usna538dbg Huntington Beach, CA
Gurnsey, Ron  3 [email protected] Longview, WA
Hackney, Morris  5 [email protected] Birmingham, AL
Hall, Bill 12 [email protected] usna53235320 Towson, MD
Hall, George  15 [email protected] Hattiesburg, MS
Halsey, Charles 16 [email protected] New Bern, NC
Hanford, Dick 14 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Harrison, Deek 14 [email protected] Phoenix, AZ
Harrison, Gary 14 [email protected] gharrison53 Santa Ana,CA
Hatch, Polly (Widow of Glen) 12 [email protected] Houston, TX
Hatcher, Bob 12 [email protected]  Carabelle, FL
Haydon, R.E.   17 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Hayes, Al   9 mailto:[email protected] Stafford, VA
Hayes, Jerry  13 [email protected] Bainbridge Island, WA
Hays, Will  21 [email protected] San Diego, CA
Headland, Carl    9 [email protected] Leland, MI
Hebbard, Lee  4 [email protected] slowfuse2000 Titusville, FL
Heering, Dave 8 [email protected] Carlsbad, CA
Hente, Don  24 [email protected] dbhente Albuquerque, NM
Herkner, Dick  13 [email protected] Thousand Oaks, CA
Higginbotham, Al 21 [email protected] Sarasota, FL
Hill, Earl  11 [email protected] Annandale, VA
Hoch Dorothy (Widon of Jack) 12 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Hinman, Al  6 [email protected] Jax Beach, FL
Hoffman, Bob 22 [email protected] San Diego, CA
Hoffman, Harley  19 [email protected] Ormond Beach, FL
Hoffner, Carl  9 [email protected] Palo Alto, CA
Holcomb, Staser    13  [email protected] Edmunds, WA
Hopkins, Dan 24 [email protected] Palm Coast, FL
Howell, Dave 5 [email protected] Hampton, VA
Hozey, Ira [email protected] Wynesboro, GA
Hubal, Judy (Widow of Gus) 11 [email protected] Falls Church, VA
Huffman, Sam 18 [email protected] Chatsworth, CA
Hughes, Paul       23 [email protected] Frederick, MD
Hyatt, John  11 [email protected] jhyatt30 Easton, MD
Jaksina, Stan  3 [email protected] Harvard, MD
James, Joe  18 [email protected] Mt Solon, VA
Jatras, George  23 [email protected] Sterling, VA
Jaynes, Jack 1 [email protected] usna531jkj San Diego, CA
Jelly, Phil 13 [email protected] Oakland, CA
Jenkins, Folsom 9 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Johnson, Cricket   (6/13) 2 [email protected] johnson_cricket  Willow Street, PA
Johnson, Dave/Lynn [email protected] Alexandria, VA
Johnson, Larry 2 [email protected] Florida for the winter
Johson, Al 24 [email protected] Bellevue, WA
Jones, Bob   20 [email protected] San Antonio, TX
Jones, Bob (R.W.G.) 19 [email protected] Locust Grove, VA
Jones, Dave 10 [email protected] usna53dbj10 Florida for the winter
Jones, Fred 4 [email protected] McDonough, GA
Jones, Hebe 24 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Kane, Ira   1 [email protected] patandpattie Los Gatos, CA
Kassel, Bob   14 [email protected] Collaroy, NSW, Austrailia
Kauderer, Bud 8 [email protected] Carlsbad, CA
Keimig, Ruth (Widow of Dudley) 6 [email protected] Pittsboro, NC
Kennedy, William 4 [email protected] usna534wek Encinitas, CA
Ketchum, Roland [email protected] Gladstone, MO
Killian, Don 24 [email protected] Baltimore, MD
Kittler, Si  12 [email protected] Pensacola, FL
Kloepper, Bob   18 [email protected] West Caldwell, NJ
Knight, Fuzzy  12 [email protected] usna53242150 Charleston, SC
Knighton, George 23 [email protected] Auburn, WA
Kniss, Barbara (widow of don) 22 [email protected] Griswold, CT
Kotick, Bob   22 [email protected] Gulf Breeze, FL
Krochmal, Al 24 Unknown Washington, DC
Kuffel, Bob   11 [email protected] Chula Vista, CA
Kuhlmann, Dick  9 [email protected] San Jose, CA
Kunstmann, Clarence  19 [email protected] Port Royal, VA
Lake, Walt  22 [email protected] waltlake22 Spring Valley, CA
Lamb, Charlie  16 [email protected] San Bernardino, CA
Lammers, Frank 13 [email protected] usna53240100 Sagaponack, NY
Larrew, Fred  9 [email protected] Albuquerque, NM 
Larson, Howard  24 [email protected] Crownsville, MD
Laufman, Bob  5/19 19 [email protected] ; [email protected] Cincinnati, OH   Ludlow, KY 
Laughlin, Gerry  13 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Lawrence, Don  19 [email protected] King George, VA
Leavitt, Horace  15 [email protected] Bride, NJ
Lent, Will  21 [email protected] Port Orchard, WA
Levey, Sandy     23 [email protected]  hermanlevey Landsdowne, VA
Lindsay, Bob  2 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Lowell, Bob 1 [email protected] Laguna Beach, CA
Lucas, Bob  9 [email protected] Bolder, CO
Luthin, Dick  8 [email protected] rbluthin Jacksonville, FL
Lyons, Joan Kaitner (widow of Pete) 6 [email protected] Surprise, AZ
Maas, Bertram 5 [email protected] Vienna, VA
Maher, Mike  [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Mahony, Jim  9 [email protected] ggm1929 Seneca, SC
Malone, Joe   24 [email protected] usna53jlmalone24 Savannah, GA
Malone, Logan  22 [email protected] Sarasota, FL
Mang, Don   16 [email protected] h2o.colorist Mount Dora, FL
Mann, Fred   10 [email protected] Frisco, TX
Manuel, Bob 17 [email protected] Ft Myer, FL/Loudon, TN
Markham, Lewis  18 [email protected] Ocean Springs, MS
Martin, Bob 4 [email protected] usna53239820 Westlake Village, CA
Martin, Ken  14 [email protected] Santa Maria, CA
Maser, Walt 6 [email protected] Richmond, VA
Massie, Sam  10 [email protected] usna53570126 Roseland, VA
Matais, George  16 [email protected] Tucson, AZ
Matteson, Max 7 [email protected] Avondale, PA
Matthews, Bruce  17 [email protected] Salinas, CA
Maxwell, Phil 15 [email protected] Harrisonburg, VA
Mayberry, Tom  2 [email protected] Mt Pleasant, SC
Mays, Clayton  16 [email protected] Warner Robbins, GA
McCarty, Pug  10 [email protected] Seabeck, WA
McComb, Scotty  13 [email protected] Port Ludlow, WA
McCrane, Brian  7 [email protected] Vienna, VA
McCreery, Tom 1 [email protected] Vancouver, WA
McCullen, Gil  21 [email protected] Chapel Hill, NC
McGreevy, Pete 3 [email protected] petemcgreevy San Jose, CA
McLean, Thomas  1 [email protected] El Paso, TX
McVay, Don  24 [email protected] Dumfries, VA
Merget, Andy  14 [email protected] Bothell, WA
Mets, Dave  17  [email protected] Maxwell AFB, AL
Middleton, Chuck   21 [email protected] McLean, VA
Milano, Rocky  23 [email protected] Hyattsville, MD
Miller, George  5 [email protected] Natick, MA
Miller,E. Ken 14 [email protected] Sanford, Nc
Mitchell, Lois Wilson (widow of Tom) 11 [email protected] Hilton Head Island, SC
Molnar, Larry  16 [email protected] Placitas, NM
Monroe, Bill  15 [email protected] usna53236700 Harpswell, ME
Mooney, Brad  21 [email protected] Austin, TX
Moore, Ed  9 [email protected] usna539em Gig Harbor, WA
Moore, Rufe 12 [email protected] Alpine, CA
Morse, Ann Withrow (widow of Ed) 19 [email protected] Vienna, VA
Moulton, Frances (widow of Jack) 17 [email protected] Bloomfield, CT
Muhlig, John   20 [email protected] Hoover, AL
Muka, Joe    1 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Mullender, Tom 13 [email protected] Oakland Park, KS
Murphy, Eldridge   23 [email protected] DePpere, WI
Murtagh, Tom  23 [email protected] New York, NY
Musorrafiti, Moose 4 [email protected] Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Myers, Jack  18 [email protected] tutaralex Frederick, MD
Nelson, Keith  23 [email protected] mknelson123  Houston, TX
Nesbitt, Harry 18 [email protected] Fairhope, AL
Nevarez, Tony 11 [email protected] Westminster, CA
Newsome, Ralph   19 [email protected] usna53239030 Southern Pines, NC
Nord, Jim 18 [email protected] E. Lansing, MI
Northrop, Bob  20 [email protected] Kingsport, TN
O'Connell, John  1 [email protected] Concord, CA
O'Connell, Pat  2 [email protected] Naples, FL
Olson, James R.  3 [email protected] Anthem,  AZ
Olson, John 23 [email protected] Sheridan, WY
Olson, John Scott 9 [email protected] mlkdh2000  Tallahassee, FL
Oppermann, Ed  8 [email protected] Ft. Worth, TX
Orr Arnold     3/11 9 [email protected]
Osborn, Bob    22 [email protected] usna5322rho PALM CITY, FL  
Ostronic, Frank 11 [email protected] Potomac, VA
Pape,Bill  12 [email protected] usna53234800 Woodbury, CT
Paulk, John D 19 [email protected] Seabeck, WA
Paulsen, Ed   19 [email protected] Westminster, MD-
Pedersen, Al  22 [email protected] Alexandria, VA
Personette, Edie 7 [email protected] Houston, TX
Peters, Ed 7 [email protected] Lake Placid, NY
Petersen, Ed  5 [email protected] Palm Desert, CA
Pickett, Gordon  21 [email protected] Clovis, CA
Pickett, Rex  11 [email protected] Burnsville, MN
Plank, Bob  22 [email protected] Redlands, CA
Platt, Al   4 [email protected] La Mesa, CA
Ploss, John 4 [email protected] f7u2p Oceanside, CA
Pochari, Tom 4 [email protected] Saratoga, CA
Poland, Jim  21 [email protected] Monterey, CA
Purdum, Betty (widow of Bill)   6 [email protected]
Purvis, Scott 6 [email protected] Falls Church, VA
Quirk, Pat (widow of  Bill) 4 [email protected] Doylesville, PA
Raffaele, Bob  23 [email protected] Glen Dale, MD
Ramsey, Bill 10 [email protected] Pensacola, FL
Randall, Mollie (widow of Randy)  2 [email protected] Jacksonville Beach, FL
Rea, Jim  [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Reed, Charles  23 [email protected] Montgomery, TX
Reffitt, Raymond   5 [email protected] usna535rer  Wilmore,KY
Reid, Bob 7 [email protected] Cincinnati, OH
Rice, Dan   6 [email protected] Falls Church, VA
Richardson, Bill  4 [email protected] Austin, TX
Rielly, Barbara (widow of Lyle Armel) 1 [email protected] Hilton Head Island, SC
Ritchie, Bill 6 [email protected] usna53236720 River Bend, NC
Ritz, Merlin   3 [email protected] State College, PA
Roach, Frank       8 [email protected] salty_dog_old Sequim. WA
Robbins, Dick  24 [email protected] usna53rr238390 Plain City, OH
Robinson, Elaine (widow of Bill 5 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Robson, Hap  10 [email protected] usna53239800 San Jose, CA
Rodda, Ron  24 [email protected] Shalimar, FL
Rodgers, Jim  2 [email protected] Coronado, CA
Rodgers, Jim   18 [email protected] Charleston, SC
Royston, Mark 1 [email protected] La Mirada, CA
Ruddick, George 15 [email protected] Cherry Hill, NJ
Rumph, Hal      22 [email protected] usna53hhr Delray Beach, FL
Ryan, Bill  16 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Salgado, Paul  22 [email protected] Colorado Springs, CO
Salzman, Ken 6 [email protected] Houston, TX
Sammis, Stu 8 [email protected] Titusville, FL
Schaaf, Tom  2 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Schaller, Bob  12 [email protected] theschallers Knoxville, TN
Schmidt, Chauncey 10 [email protected] Woodside, CA
Schoderbek, Steve   8 [email protected] Albuquerque, NM
Schucker, Hildegard (widow of Bob) 18 [email protected] Irvine, CA
Schuerger, John  22 [email protected] Cypress, CA
Schulte, Jean  10 [email protected] Topeka, KS
Schwenz (Dorothy Ambler) 19 [email protected] Denver, CO
Scolpino, Mary Ann (Frank) 19 [email protected] Jackson, NJ
Sebring, Hart  10 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Shadburn, Ted  8 [email protected]  usna53235080 Redlands, CA
Shakespeare, Frank  18 [email protected] Towson, MD
Sharrah, Logan 2 [email protected] usna53237530 Murrells Inlet, SC
Sheahan, Bob  5 [email protected] St Louis, MO
Sherman, Stu  10 [email protected] Lake Waccamaw, NC
Sherwood, Glenn 8 [email protected] Hartford, CT
Shoopman, Bert  22 [email protected] usna5322bhs Dripping Springs, TX
Shrewsbury, Hal   2 [email protected] halshrew Danville, CA
Simmons, Arlis 1 [email protected] Great Falls, VA
Simpson, Buck  24 [email protected] usna53237860 Gainsville, VA
Sisco, Billy 8 [email protected] usna53241780 El Cajon, CA
Skerrett, Sue (Widow of Bob) 22 [email protected] Coeur d'Alene, ID
Slack, Tom   20 [email protected] usna535293 San Marcos, CA
Smith, Alfred 15 [email protected] Great Falls, VA
Smith, Dean (B. D.) 12 [email protected] MD
Smith, Don (D. B.)  14 [email protected] Palo Alto, CA
Smith, Dorothy (Widow of Joe C.) 23 [email protected] Sherwood Forrest, MD
Smith, Tom  10 [email protected] Williamsburg, VA
Smitherman, John  22 [email protected] Gainesville, FL
Smoak, Bob 21 [email protected] Largo, FL
Snouse, Bill  11 [email protected] Circleville, OH
Sokol, Mrs. John   3 [email protected] Leonia, NJ
Sollars, John   6 [email protected] usna53237880a Bellevue, WA
Somers, Allen 11 [email protected] Germantown, TN
Southerland, Tom 24 [email protected] Princeton, NJ
Spanagel, Herman 8 [email protected] Satellite Beach, FL
Spar, Ed 9 [email protected] efsmrs Annandale. VA
Spencer, Dwight    4/16 18 [email protected]  spencer6304 Armuchee, GA
Sperling, Jean (Dan)  19 [email protected] Poquoson, VA
St John, Arley 10 [email protected] Upper Marlboro, MD
Stafford, Ken  6 [email protected] usna53241280 Virginia Beach, VA
Starnes, Jill (widow of Chuck) 14 [email protected] El Dorado, CA
Stecker, George   7 [email protected] Manchester-by-the-sea, MA
Stephens, Jim   17 [email protected] Indiatlantic, FL
Stevens, Dick (Rip)  7 [email protected] yellowfinch2001 Suffield, CT
Strohecker, Frank     3/28 23 [email protected] Camano Is., WA
Struven, Bob   3 [email protected] Rancho Bernardo, CA
Stucker, Gayle  4 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Studebaker, Stu  15 [email protected] Scapposose, OR
Sutter, Bradley  19 [email protected] Williamsburg, VA
Swan, Jerry     4/16 6 [email protected]      Albuquerque, NM
Swanson, Sissie (widow of Hardy) 6 [email protected] Wyndmoor, PA
Sykes, Lew 16 [email protected] Williamsburg, VA
Talbot, Ann (Frank) 2 [email protected] Manassas, VA
Tarlton, Joe  17 [email protected] Middletown, RI
Taylor, Nona (Widow of Tom) 12 [email protected] St. Augustine, FL
Taylor, Rip  2 [email protected] Houston, TX
Terry, Dan  5 [email protected] McLean, VA
Thies, Walt  23 [email protected]
Thomas, Joe (F. J.)  11 [email protected] fjthomas1 Annapolis, MD
Tiede, Herb                 3 [email protected] usna53_3_hrt Triangle, VA
Tolman, Milt  10 [email protected] Naples, FL
Tortora, Tony  12 [email protected] Ocala, FL
Trost, Carl 22 [email protected] Annapolis, MD
Trueblood, Bill   1 [email protected] billttttt Edgewater, MD 
Turk, Sylvia Shih (Widow of Charlie) 22 [email protected] Salinas, CA
Umberger, Bob  11 [email protected] usna5323560 Riva, MD
Unger, Jim  14 [email protected] Washougal, WA
Upshaw, Don  1 [email protected] Littleton, CO
Vail, Lenny   18 [email protected] Allen, TX
Van Hoof, Gene 18 [email protected] Horton, MI
Vandersluis, Jan  4 [email protected] N. Palm Beach, FL
Velasquez-Saurez, Alice 6 [email protected] Valrico, FL
Viers, Dixie (widow of Gus) 10  [email protected]  Savannah, GA
Villaret, Al   19 [email protected] avillaret Fairfax, VA
Vogt, Don       19 [email protected] donvogt2001 Alexandria, VA
Vosseller, Jack 6 [email protected] Corpus Christi, TX
Wadsworth, Ben 12 [email protected] Mt Pleasant, SC
Waid, Stan  5 Unknown Temecula, CA
Walker, Chuck  4/12 21 [email protected] Saratoga, CA
Walker, Pete   7 [email protected] Ashburn, VA
Wallner, Nick   24 [email protected] La Jolla, CA  
Walters, Hal  5 [email protected] Brevard, NC
Ward, Pat   7 [email protected] Chesapeake City, MD
Warren, Tom  16  [email protected] Annandale, VA
Watson, Larry 13 [email protected]
Webb, Linda (Widow of Curt Anderson 22 [email protected] Port Orchard, WA
Weber, Bob  13 [email protected] Oceanside, CA
Weinstein, Jerry 13 [email protected] usna5325317 Albuquerque, NM
Wellings, Jeff 9 [email protected] usna53jw2343 Jacksonville, FL
Westermeier, Jim 24 [email protected]  Boerne, TX
Whitcomb, Sheila (widow of Richard) [email protected] Roanoke, VA
White, Betty (Widow of Chuck) 23  [email protected] usna53cw237370 Pensacola, FL
White, Frank  23 [email protected] El Dorado, KS
Will, Linda (John)   6/13 [email protected] Ft Washington, MD
Will, Otto 15 [email protected] Fairfax, VA
Willenbrink, Jim 8 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Willever, Ed   5 [email protected] Darnestown, MD
Wilner, Jack 8 [email protected] Weston, FL/Banner Elk, NC
Wilson, Stretch (Vaughn)  23 [email protected] Virginia Beach, VA
Wise, Dick 5 [email protected] Redington Shores, FL
Wise, Peyton 6 [email protected] Butler, MD
Woods, Bob           22 [email protected] usna53bw237850 Danbury, WI
Woodworth, Pat    18 [email protected]
Woolley, Herb  19 [email protected] Kailua, HI
Wright, Dick   11 [email protected] Charleston, SC
Wright, Jim  3 [email protected] Leesburg, FL
Wright, Ken  2 [email protected] wardrobewhiskey Deltona, FL
Yoshihara, Tak  24 [email protected] takyosh Aiea, Oahu, HI
Young, Monica (widow of Dave) 18 [email protected] Ponte Vedra, FL
Youse, Jim  13 [email protected] Westerville, OH
Zebrowski, Joe  24 [email protected] joezebrowski53 Costa Mesa, CA
Zellmer, Milton   21 [email protected] Dayton, OH
Zirps, Chris 8 [email protected] Alexandri
Bicknell, Bob 19 [email protected] Lincoln, MA