Hi Art,
I have finished reading the subject book and it was hard to lay in
down.      Thanks so much for getting me in to reading it.      There
is no question that I could relate to the rowing side of the story and
to the main character Joe Rantz.     I worked my way through high
school being an assistant janitor mopping floors, etc., during
vacations and working as a kitchen boy at a camp up north during the
summer to help my Mother, my brother and myself get through roughs
years before and after my father split from my home town Ann Arbor to
join the faculty at the University of Illinois and marry his third
wife.     I never met the second one.
After resigning my commission and after being employed by the
Burroughs Corporation in Paoli, PA, for ten years working on NASA
contracts first on the guidance computer fabrication side and then on
the missile guidance software support side for ten years, I joined a
Division of the Honeywell Corporation.     Honeywell's Special Systems
Division immediately assigned me to a subsidiary located on the Union
Canal in Seattle to assist them with a RFQ for the Naval Broadcast
System.     That Division made torpedoes for the Navy and should have
been excluded from bidding on a communications system but they tried.
   I had the experience at Burroughs of being the Project Engineer for
two Military Store and Forward Message Switching System, one for
Cheyenne Mountain and the other for Fort Richie.    Ruth, myself and
our son spent three months in Seattle while I supported their RFQ
effort.     We spent every weekend sight seeing from Mt. Rainier to
Vancouver, BC.      My input was to pick this particular software
developing company in New Jersey for the software but the Honeywell
Board of Directors selected some other outfit that shared a Director.
   The Seattle Division did not get the contract.
My next assignment was to develop and install an industrial monitoring
computer system and it went into the Control room at the Grand Coulee
Dam.     I probably made that same trip that Joe Rantz made from
Seattle to Coulee Dam.     I'll never forget it.    The car rental
didn't have the car class that I had reserved so they upgraded me to
my choice of a light blue Mercury convertible.     I put the top down
and drove east.     On the Pacific side of the Cascades, it was cool
and wonderful.    Then I crossed over into the dessert.     Being
young and enjoying myself, I did not put the top up.     When I
arrived in Coulee Dam, the village, I was both wind and sun burned.
 Then, after I finished the computer system installation and testing,
I took a picture of my first computer installation.
Unfortunately, the flash of a flash bulb is not unlike the opening of
a large circuit breaker.     The Control Room operators were not
At the 50th reunion of the USNA Great Eight crew at the USNA Boat
House 2002, we of the second boat were also invited.     The numbers
of the 1952 Olympic rowers had diminished to the point where they
needed reinforcements, I guess.     Ruth and I went down and joined in
the event.      A new shell was christened the "Great Eight" and we
had a banquet later but not after those of us present who could get
into an eight oared shell, did so with the then current Varsity
filling the missing seats.     I rowed number four and we went up and
down College Creek until everyone had their pictures.
How is your book review coming?     I really look forward to it.
Where will I find it?
Say "hello" to Marcy for Ruth and me.
Sincerely, Max