Nice to hear from you.  Strange thing about Charlie's burial one seems to know.  We knew Charlie and his 2nd wife Mickey quite well when we were all stationed in DC.  Mickey's daughters and our daughter were good friends.  We had a lot of good times with them, and Nancy and I took them out on our sail boat in the Chesapeake (also went aground).


Re Key West, when we lived in Connecticut where we had a family business, we had a 2nd home in Key West Truman Annex (the old sub base) from 1990 to 2004.  Initially we went there on vacations, but about 1996, we started to spend all winter there.  We really loved it.  Had several visits by class mates during that time.


We now live in CT and Delray Beach, FL, but are selling our house in CT and plan to buy one in San Francisco.  We are looking right now (just got back).  Nancy and I lived in Silicon Valley from 1973 (when I retired) until 1986 when I worked at GE.  We loved Cal so want to get back before its too late.


Hard to beat the Casa Marina.  We have great memories of Key West.  What a town.  Probably none like it.


Hope things are well with you.


Best regards,



On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Arthur Bivens <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Glenn.....I was reviewing e-mail in my Shipmate file and it seems I never replied to the below message from you. I apologize for that. After re-reading your interesting story I must have put it aside wondering how to edit it for our Class News Shipmate column. I did write an obit about Charlie at the time he died. I just looked it up in the March-April 2009 issue. I wrote a 5-inch column about the good things he did , both in the Air Force and in Sonoma County. I ended with "Charlie is survived by his wife and two daughters from a previous marriage."  Regarding Charlie's burial site; Jack Davison's Virtual Cemetery on our Class Website indicates "unknown." I will edit your note for a future item in Shipmate skipping Charlie's peccadillos.


I notice from our 50th Year Legacy Book that you and Nancy spent Dec-May in Key West. Do you still do that? Marcy and I met in Key West in 1953 and married a year later. And after Submarine School, my first submarine assignment was the USS Quillback in Key West. We lived in Sigsbee Park for 2 1/2 years before I became a nuc submariner. We have gone back a number of times. The last time in the Casa Marina.


All the Best,


Art B   

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Nancy and I are back in CT.  Had a wonderful 10 days in Sonoma County (Healdsburg) Cal.  Beautiful town.  Had enough wine for a month.


Nancy and I, with our daughter Ann and her husband, had a visit with Diane Cooke (she likes Mickey) at her home in Glen Ellen for a couple hours of wine and remembering old times.  Mickey's husband Erick was there, along with her daughter Kristen and son Scott.  We knew them all in Alexandria VA in late 60's & early 70's. Our daughter was close with Mickey's other daughter, Mona, who could not be there.  She is a successful business woman in SF.


Scott is a builder in Santa Fee.  He apparently got along with Charlie very well...they were good friends.  Charlie taught him how to be a big time poker player.


Mickey still lives on the family property that she and her husband Erick either built from scratch or remodeled, as it is a modern design.  Kristen lives in a separate house on the family property.  She is a successful real estate broker.


We socialized with the family quite often in VA, took them out on our sailboat in the Chesapeake (she reminded me of the time we ran aground).  Charlie and I talked quite a bit.  I was in ARPA and did a lot of things for the war effort (technology wise) so I pretty much knew what Charlie was doing there.


Turns out that Mickey's family bought in Glen Ellen in late 30's about the time Adm Cooke bought there.  Both bought almost 200 acres close to each other, and near Jack London's ranch.  So Charlie must have known Mickey when they were both growing up in the 30's and 40's.


We lived in Si Valley for 14 years while I was at GE so we visited there a couple times and I talked to Charlie on phone a few times.  However, during these talks I never got what was happening between Charlie and Mickey.  The last time we visited Mickey in early 1980's when I was at a GE conference at Sonoma Spa, she did not mention what was going on between them.  Charlie was out of town.


You may know that Charlie had a horrible accident while driving a VW wagon with Scott.  Both almost lost their lives.  Charlie was in a wheelchair for months with many operations.  Scott still has problems due to a severe concussion.  They both recovered.  Mickey did a lot for Charlie in that recovery.


Then something bad happened...I don't know if you knew this, I didn't.  There was a serious infidelity by Charlie that shocked Mickey and her children.  I understand he apologized profusely, but after that, it was all over between them.


I don't know any further details after that, but Mickey said one day Charlie drove up to her house in Glen Ellen with Sara Peterson and said, more or less, she will be my new wife and I want a divorce.


Thereafter, Charlie took Sara Peterson as his wife and lived on his ranch until he died.  He started a 10-acre vineyard, all Zinfandel, did most of it himself, and created a pretty good Zinfandel.  I talked with the guy at Ravenswood who helped Charlie, and who processed his grapes and sold his product.  He had some great stories about Charlie...not surprisingly.


Sara Peterson is now shown as the owner of the Cooke Vineyard.  A guy by the name of Gore is the manager.


Charlie was active in Sonoma County in preservation of landmark ranches and he deeded part of his ranch to the county so there would be no developing.


I asked Mickey where Charlie was buried but she didn't know.  Apparently Sara was supposed to plan a memorial service but that never happened.  The Ravenswood guy didn't know either.  Mickey said Charlie left nothing to his only two children (daughters with his 1st wife.


This report may be a little over the top, so I hope that is OK with you.  Charlie was sort of a special guy...too bad about the turn of events.


Mickey apparently was quite an equestrian.  She has 2 horses (Kristen rides them most of the time) and a barn full of ribbons.


Let me know any thoughts.