As the issues of Shipmate become less frequent, the various articles linked to this page will attempt to fill the gap. It is expected that we will leave articles online for about one month.



3/25/2019Class of 1953 Shipmate Submission June 2019

2/25/2019 Class of 1953 Shipmate Subission April-May 2019

 12/27/2018 Class of 1953 Shipmate Submission for March 2019















































































Class (Shipmate) columns are available on the Alumni web site. Follow the directions below to view and to print the column


        Click My Community/My Class/News

        Click the inclusive class year 

        Click the month of publication

        To print, click the Pages tab.  Scroll down. Then, highlight the pages you want to print.

        On the tool bar above, Click the printer icon.