Dear Chuck,  I believe that you are still called Chuck; I am another Charles, but I have always, gone by Pug.  I hasten to add, I have a son Charles M. and a Grandson by the name of Charles M. III. I am proud to say that at 16 he has already surpassed my height and is 6ft. 4in.  First, I would like to hear from you and yours.  Looking forward “ to catching up”.  And, I am sure I know what you meant, but as usual I make some sort of fun out of it.  We had six beautiful kids ( only one boy), then along came seventeen grand kids, and as the saying goes from the bible, we became fruitful and multiplied.  Last count; 5 Great grand kids= total 28, but I have not checked recently. Joan the mother of this clan died here in the great NW west; at the age of 70. ,Now, comes the roller coaster. As for me, as the Man in Black said, “ I’ve been everywhere, man”  After retiring, I was the chief design engineer at Tacoma boat Co. ( that’ s how I met King Fahad) Built five guided missile frigates. Then worked for Hughes Aircraft in the development of the Mk 48 torpedo.  That was when I really fell in love with Canada (5 years). After the electronics for the warhead was finished I bought a beautiful cutter made in Canada.  She was 47 feet; so I set off around the world.  You know Marquesas, Tahiti, Tuamotoes, Bora Bora, both Samoas, and Fiji. Even walked up to the grave of Paul Gogan  on mountain in The Marquesas. two crew became ill and I sent them back to U. S. One, my nephew, to my regret died a year later. So I decided that single handed around the world, might be my demise. U turn.  Single handed back to Hawaii. That was 34 days and fortunately, I knew the South China Seas pretty well and my next stop was to be the Philippines. Then when I got home I had previously bought a home in the Costa del Sol, when I was stationed over there. Decided to live as a Spanish farmer.  King Fahad caught up with me, and he wanted someone to head his research and development center. I said only a year, King. Well, I was there for 6 years taking care of his Navy. I really liked the man. Along came another war, scuds and all. My house was very near Dammom, where we lost 36 Americans in a scud attack. All this time he would not give me leave longer than 2 weeks, so I chose to go to Cyprus.  My Lord, I loved that island, bought another home on 3 acres and 480 feet of beautiful Med. waterfront. After the gulf war I lived in Cyprus growing my favorite family, that is: oranges, papayas,sweet potatoes, pineapples,bananas,cashews,mangos and lots of diving in the most beautiful water I have seen since diving in the Gulf,Red Sea, where Moses parted the water, which in my day was 250’ deep; but gorgeous. After being a gentleman farmer, I left and went to Europe and my joy included every country. Only those West of Russia. But, I really loved Russia and was drawn back there since. Having done a lot of skiing in Cyprus in the small but beautiful Cypriot mountains, I was drawn to Interlaken Switzerland, which gave me the most beautiful view of the country. That’s where I first met the Semental Cow. I bought two of them and raised them on a farm that I bought in Seabeck WA.  I have to quit now because I know I have rambled on, and besides I have to pee.  God bless you all, and I am so happy that all my kids live within ten miles of me, at least 23 of them. I’ve left out so much; spent 17 years in middle East and Africa,yes I lived there in the bush for awhile.  You asked for it! Pug. PS I was very handsomely paid by King Fahad, so I bought and built my own home on the Hood Canal and with my 24 ft. boat I go crabbing for Dungeness crab and fish for Salmon.  I am thinking about buying a new waterfront home in Costa Rica.  I really don’t know what’s wrong with me....PPS I have scads of pics through these years.  I will attach sometime if you really beg me to do so.