Sad News Page-Class of 1953

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11/13/2018 From Bill Gourlay, "

Laurel Mang Sheren informed me that her father, Don Lewis Mang Lt. Col. USAF Ret.) joined his wife, Nancy, in heaven last night, November 12th.".

11/09/2018 Obituary for Joan Kucyk

11/05/2018 Obituaries for Will and Jean Richarson

10/29/2018 Obituary for Burney Fishback

10/27/2018 Obituary for Joseph Gilliam (Non grad)
10/15/2018 Obituary for Scotty McComb


There will be a Service of Committal at the Columbarium on Thursday, 18 October 2018 @ 1400 for Mrs. Sarah Jane Robson (DOB: 16 May 1928, DOD: 30 April 2016).  Sarah Jane Burrell Robson is the wife of CAPT Harry Ernest “Hap” Robson, USN Ret, Class of 1953. 


9/24/2018 Obituary for Al Sommers

9/24/2018 Obituary for Edgar (Kinney) Wood and Betty Wood

9/19/2018 Donald Cooke-

His friend/executor Bob Ludka (208-691-0608) called to report that Donald Cooke passed away on 21 July 2018. He did not want an obituary in Last Call.

9/10/2018 From Art Bivens, "
Sally Jones called me that Edward R. Dixon (Co.10) died Wednesday Sept 5 in Norfolk, VA. I called his wife, Dolores, and spoke to Ann, his daughter, and there will be services October 18 in the USNA Chapel and the columbarium. Further details later.