Sad News Page-Class of 1953

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5/6/2019 Obituary for Joe Gildea

5/5/2019 Obituary for Connie O'Keefe

4/22/2019 Obituary for Bill Pape

4/16/2019 From Walt Lake-
I sadly have to report that my wife of 52 years, Alexandra (Sascha), died in her sleep in the early morning of 
April 8, 2019. Sascha had been recuperating from surgery at a rehab nursing facility until events and age caught up with her. No public services are planned. 

4/12/2019 Obituaries for Joe and Elizabeth Miller

4/4/2019 Obituary for Ted Shadburn

3/26/2019 Obituary for Si Kittler

3/25/2019 Obituary for Fred Breaux (Non grad)

3/14/2019 Obituary for Joan Snively

3/08/2019 Obituary for Bob Umberger

3/5/2019 Obituary for Joe Thomas

2/25/2019 Obituary for Dixie Viers

2/24;2019 Obituary for Bill Gourlay

2/22/2019 Obituary for Paul Sonnenburg

2/13/2019 From Art Bivens, "
Earl Griggs called me this evening that Lawrence H. Watson (USNA '53, Co.13) died suddenly in his home in Alexandria, VA  today Feb 13, 2018". Obituary

12/03/2018 Obituary for Anne Sheahan

11/20/2018 Obituary for Don Mang