Sad News Page-Class of 1953

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7/16/2018 Obituary for Frank Willett (Non grad)

7/2/2018 Obituary for Sheila Gildea

6/30/2018 From Tom Mayberry, "I just learned that Janie Baciocco, wife of Al Baciocco (deceased), passed away this morning in Carey, NC. I have no other details, except I know that she is to be cremated and buried next to Al in space he reserved years ago at USNA in Annapolis.
Tom Mayberry"

5/8/2018 Obituarty for John Swan

5/6/2018 Obituary for Bill Ramsey

5/2/2018 Obituary for Kathryn DeGeneres

5/2/2018 Obituary for Albert Hayes